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Back to school {Week 1 wrap up}

Weekly Wrap-Up


We started back full on this week. 

A few weeks ago Katey had caught a caterpillar and we decided to raise it to see what it would transform into.  PB083267It still hasn’t came out of its shell.  I think it may have died in there but I haven’t had the heart to tell Katey just yet.


One day we had great weather and since there aren’t many neighbor kids out since they are all in PS.  Emily chose to do some science reading outside.  She was asking me for help and was mad I was taking a picture of her right then.

Tommy and Emily are both working in Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science.  They are allowed to work at their own pace in the book.  We are using the schedule from Donna Young.  They do have to do labs together though.



It’s hunting season here and Tommy has spent many early mornings hunting.  He has also read quite a few archery and deer hunting books and magazine articles this week.

Along with regular school studies like math and literature.

Both Tommy and Emily have also been learning about WWII using the Moving Beyond the Page unit. 

Emily has been doing great practicing the piano and guitar.  She is really becoming quite the musician.  Even while taking a few months off from lessons to travel.  She is reading the book Hunger by Michael Grant. This is the second book in The Gone Series.  We had read the book The Giver (on audio) over the summer, we actually didn’t even know a movie was being made based on the book.  On Thursday I took Emily and Katey with me to see the movie.   We had a discussion about common core and my feelings on it.  Along with math and literature she has also been studying poetry using The Art of Poetry by Classical Academic Press.

Emily and Katey also had Handmaidens of Virtue co-op class where they learned about virtues and vices. IMG_5424[1]Many of my Facebook friends were posting first day pictures of their kids since it was the first day of public school around here.  So I took some of our own back to school pictures when we were headed out the door to their class.

Katey has been moving right through All About Spelling Level 1 and Math U See Gamma. She has been doing science units with Tyler.  She has also gotten into journaling using the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself Book.   She hasn’t been doing as much daily reading as I would like.

This is Tyler’s first year of actually having school time and a schedule that we are following. I got him a pencil box and filled it with his own crayons, pencil, scissors, and glue.  He loves it. He has loved getting it out of his tote every morning. IMG_5309[1] He has a daily notebook that I created using printables from around the web.  He does that every day.  PB123299He also has a science unit each week. Check out our first week, Ants Galore here!  IMG_5310[1]


This hasn’t stopped him from wanting to do things from his activity basket.  Which is a basket that I keep some busy bag, preschool activity type toys in. This is his favorite one.  It is a fireman’s challenge.  It is a number recognition and counting game.



One thing we did during family school is make dream boards.  We did this over 2 days.  PB123300Some of us (me) took this project more seriously and some of us turned it into an art project collage (Katey).

IMG_5417[1]We also drew our self portraits, this is our back to school tradition.  We always go through our art portfolios and draw new self portraits.  It is neat to look at the progression of self portraits over the years.

IMG_5314[1]Our town participates in a program called We Play Unplugged.  We have collected brag tags over the summer and it was the prize party on Monday night.  We went to it and Katey won a prize.  She chose to get Tyler a soccer net and ball.  That was very thoughtful of her.

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