Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daily Rituals (My routines)


Wake up and do my SAVERS (as best I can).  I am not perfect with these yet.  They are from a book I read called The Miracle Morning.  Doing these things have literally changed my life.

Next I get kids up and either take them to classes or we eat breakfast.  Something simple like cereal or oatmeal. 

After breakfast we start our at home schoolwork.  The older kids pretty much go on their own and I see them again at lunch time where we must eat lunch together and talk about what we are learning.  I work with the younger kids on their schoolwork.  I can get through everything with my Kinder in 1-1 1/2 hours.  Plus he usually watches an educational show like Magic School Bus or Where is Carmen Sandiego?  He also loves Wild Kratts.  My 4th grader does much of her work independently with some direction from me. She can get through everything in 3-4 hours a day, then she like to play Minecraft or do art projects. 

We all gather to eat lunch.  After lunch, I go for a run if I didn’t do one in the morning, or I go to the Archery class I teach, depending on the day.  My kids sometimes have activities like piano, archery, co-op classes, and my 14 year old also babysits sometimes and cleans a ladies house once a week. 

We have a very set dinner time rule.  Dinner must be served between 6 and 7pm.  We rotate who cooks.  They get to choose their meal to cook and give me the ingredient list.  They must begin preparing dinner in time for it to be done during dinner hour. 

After dinner, we do a family clean, where everyone has to clean up everything.  Sometimes I have a list, sometimes I just say look around and clean something.

Then we start showers and I also work a night job, so I go to that sometimes.

Then we do bedtime and whew!

There you have a glimpse into our routines.  Every day is different though.  Meal times are our big scheduled thing and we work around those.  It keeps us all on track.

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