Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How do I do it?

Well truthfully, there are days I don't. Today my table looks like this at 4:00 pm. I can explain why everything is there, I just can't explain why it's not put away. First the sewing machine and the scissors are because I hemmed some pants for K and I that we got for Christmas. Behind that is my purple Control Jornal. There are a bag of buttons on the table from K's counting. The red lid is from a Christmas container that my mom gave us full of yummy sugar cereals. By the cereal is a green ribbon, that was tied onto the container. The cereal, well that is from breakfast. The two white things way in the back are from E and I sewing machines. Behind the cereal is Tiny T's Bumbo. (that is where it goes, I have a small house). You may realize that in the amount of time I took to type this I could have had it cleaned off. My excuse for that is I am nursing Tiny T. My plan was to take the picture and write about it later. Next comes dinner. How do I do that? Well truthfully, there are days I don't. Especially on Sundays, we are usually invited to The Man's parents or my moms. (Thanks to you guys for that). So I never have anything planned for Sundays. If I had to cook, I would have to feed my family Ramen noodles, or pork and beans with cut up hot dogs. Other nights I plan ahead. Only occasionally I follow through and actually cook what I planned. When we have a bad day, or no time to cook, I am so grateful for the 30 Day Gourmet. In fact this weekend I was doing some grocery shopping for my husbands grandma, and the store put ground beef on sale for $0.89 per pound. So I bought 20 pounds. I cooked 7 pounds and used some in Spaghetti for dinner, and froze the rest in 1 1/2 pound increments. Last night I made 7 pounds of meatloaf mixture. Made 2 meatloafs, ate one froze one, formed the rest into meatballs with a cookie scoop baked them and froze them in 20 meatball increments and tonight I am browning the other 6 pounds and we are having tacos, and I will freeze the rest in family size increments. Now on any night that I can't get dinner made I will pull out some hamburger and look through the 30 Day Gourmet and make something quick. Well I am off to clean off my table.

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