Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day!

We started the day off with a good book, St. Patrick's Day In The Morning. We read this as we ate breakfast. It was a great book for all ages in my house, we all loved it. Then we hurried through our schoolwork, we had a very exciting day planned.

We had to have lunch first. We had shamrock sandwiches, but when we came in there was a tiny bite taken out of them and green leprechaun dust was left. It looked like he had jumped in our milk. We drank it all and still did not find him. We decided he must have went back to the end of the rainbow. We would look later on, as we were busy getting ready to go swimming!

How crazy is this, Tiny T fell asleep while in the pool swimming. This cracks me up!

Later when we were home we had a little art lesson in primary and secondary colors. K was so proud of herself that she guessed what colors made purple. This is us making cupcakes for dessert. She was very great and kept the surprise a surprise. I am so proud, because she was so excited and just wanted to share it!

A few hours later......

For dinner we had green mashed potatoes, green rolls (they were green, but now I see it did not show up in the picture very well, and I already ate it, so I will not be taking another picture), gold nuggets (corn), Salisbury steak, and pistachio pudding, yummy!

And of course for dessert we had cupcakes, rainbow ones, with a little green leprechaun and some gold coins.

I got the recipe from my Family Fun Magazine subscription that I bought for free with Swagbucks.

We had such a fun day. My kids really loved it. They told me many times over.

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