Saturday, March 6, 2010

This week has been very busy for me. Really not any busier than any other week, it just felt like a lot this week.

I had a regular school week, not to much, not to little. That was good. I am amazed at the things I can teach my kids. I am amazed at how much they learn and the questions they ask. I love that if they are more interested in something we can make the time for them to dive however deep into a subject they want.

I had my regular Cub Scouts, that I didn't even plan this week, someone else did.

Then Saturday hit! I had a cooking party last week, and the orders from that arrived, and needed to be delivered. E had sold over 400 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, that came and needed to be delivered. (Luckly, some people ordered both, 2 birds Yes) I had a baby shower to go to. (I did plan ahead and already had the gift thank goodness). And we had our yearly Chili Cookoff with our church. We had chosen our recipe but still needed to go to the store for some ingredients. I was planning on using some of the stuff from the cooking party to make our chili. The pan I bought for it was on backorder. UGH. So I had to go to my mother in laws and get hers to borrow, and y'all know I did NOT leave myself enough time to do that. Well glad to say that I did indeed get it all done by the skin of my teeth. I even made it on time to the chili cookoff. But I did not win. Sad. I did however tie for 4th place with the rest of the group minus the top 3.

On a happier note. E and I have been having it pretty rough this last little while with our hair. Weird thing I know, I know, but unless you have curly frizzy hair, I am sure it is difficult to fully understand what it does to you. I hate what I look like in the mornings, I have tried to put makeup on do my hair, wear cuter clothes, etc. But nothing really brought up my mood, I still looked the same to me, a frizzy haired girl. All my life I hated my hair, I have spent money on every hair product out there, and I can say in my experience they do not work. And now poor E is going through the same things I did as a kid, and sometimes still do. She hates her hair. She hates to brush it. She just pulls it back into a pony tail all the time. (so do I) She has asked for me to let her get it cut in a "boy" haircut. I decided that I wanted better for her, and for me. I wanted us to like ourselves. We do not always want to look like bed heads. So I was researching some options, even though I thought I knew them all. I was actually looking for a cute haircut, hairstyle. E and I are both the type that need wash and go/ low maintenance. We knew we would never have that with natural curls. As I was looking over some sites, I saw some recommendations to read this book. Curly Girl. I found it at the local library, but it was checked out. I put a hold on it. Then I decided I could not wait. We needed this book, and we needed it now. I went to the bookstore and bought it. Let me just say that this book has changed our attitudes and our looks. We are only into in one week and are loving the results. We both really needed this pick me up! We are both more confident in our looks and generally happier people. I am grateful for this book. She talked about loving yourself and being proud of who you are, plus of course how to treat/style curly hair. We have been following her plan and it really is a wash and go type deal for us, and we look great. I did not get any pictures of E yet, but here is one of me. You might not notice yet, but there is very little frizz. (You need to be on the system 3 weeks to be at your full potential she says) Oh and I almost forgot to mention, that I did not use any products on my hair. She recommends going al natural. So not only is it easier, it is cheaper.

Here is a picture of K and I checking ourselves out in the mirror.

So far buying that book is the best $8 I spent. That's right! It has given E and I a real bonding experience and much more self confidence in ourselves and our looks.

Oh I found a picture of E with her hair. It is not a close up. Here she is with all of her Girl Scout Cookies.
If you know of anybody that has a low self esteem because of frizzy hair. Get them this book.
She does have what some would consider "radical ideas" Meaning you don't shampoo your hair, ever. You do still clean it though.

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