Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keeping your family safe on the internet.

PhotobucketHow would you like to keep track of your children’s internet usage without standing over them non-stop?  Would you like to set a time limit on the computer for your kids, and be able to keep it?  There are times when I say “20 minutes of screen time, that is it!”  And I forget to set a timer, I get busy, and next thing I know they have been on for an hour, or more. (gasp, I know)  Well PG Key is just that, you plug it into a  USB drive on your computer and set it up, then when your kids get on and sign in, it is customized for them.  You can block websites, or set up search word notifications, you can set a time limit, you can even go back and review what they did. 

This is a type of tool that would also be useful if you are taking online classes, you can review something that had been posted. 

I like PG Key for many reasons, I like the features it offers such as website blocking, search word notifications, time limits, and reviewing. You can even shut the internet off completely.   I like that it is simple to use.  I like that it is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION.

Since we mostly use laptops I noticed that I wasn’t able to keep it hidden from my children.  They knew it was there and why.  But if you had a desktop with a USB in the back you could plug it in back there and they would be less likely to notice, it is also less in the way back there.   I am not really the spying type of mom, I haven’t really had to be, but my children knowing this is on the computer is a great motivator to not steer off course.  

PG Key is $49.99 it can be purchased locally at Office Max, and Fry’s or at Name Your Link' target=_blank>Amazon.

You can see what other TOS Crew mates thought about PG Key HERE.

{I received PG Key free for review purposes, as my part on the TOS Crew.  All opinions expressed are my own. }

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