Monday, October 11, 2010

Read, Write, Type

I am a huge fan on combining subjects.  I love when you can learn so much from one “main” subject.  With Read, Write, Type, you are not just learning letters and their sounds, you are learning how to type as well.   I also feel that typing is a necessary skill to posses.  So I thought this is great.  This is a multi-sensory learning program, you can get it online ($35 for one membership)  or order the software on CD ($79).  Both options include worksheets, stories and a portable keyboard for practice.

I set Katey up on this program.  She loves computer and game learning.  She was doing really great and moving right along, however as more and more letters were added it began to get hard for her.  She was not quite coordinated enough to use the correct fingers clear across the keyboard.   One great thing about this program is that she is able to repeat it as many times as she needs.  It scores the lessons for you, and YOU, THE PARENT, SET THE PASSING SCORE! That is a huge plus in my book.  As valuable as typing is in life, I feel that phonetics is more so.  So as she struggled with the typing instead of lower the score due to typos I decided to let her use the fingers that felt most comfortable for her.  I LOVED HAVING THE OPTION! 

I wish that I had set up Tommy and Emily with this one as well.  They do not need to work on phonetics but this makes the typing fun.  They also have a Wordy Qwerty; a spelling typing game, and Jingle Spells; spelling rules rhyming songs or cd or Itunes. 

Read, Write, Type is a great program and is definitely worth the price. It is geared toward 6-9 year olds.  and I do feel that Katey may be a little young right now for it.   It is so fun that I will remember this when I feel she is ready for the typing too. 

To see what other crew members thought of Talking Fingers and Read, Write, Type check out our crew blog post.  This review is posted here

{I received a subscription to Read, Write, Type as being part of the TOS Crew.  All opinions expressed herein are my own, and not influenced in any way.}

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