Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learning vocabulary through cartoons.

Let me tell you an amazing way to expand you or your child’s vocabulary.  A fun book; Vocabulary Cartoons
Photobucket  Each page has a word, pronunciation, definition, part of speech, and a word that sounds similar.   Then a picture with a caption that uses the word.  And 3 additional sentences that use the word in various forms.  Every 10 words is a review where you match each word with it’s definition and then where you fill in the blank with a word.
Here is one of my favorite examples.


The rabbit inhabits the hole.  With a picture of a rabbit living in a hole.  Because inhabit means to live or dwell in. 

Along with the definition, a picture and 3 additional sentences. 

Check out inside the book on Amazon

This book has been so fun.  The way I incorporated it into our homeschool has been each day Monday thru Thursday the kids read 10 of the words (in order) and on Friday we do the reviews, they kind of act as a test.  This book has been good for us, because it doesn’t take any prep time, and it teaches itself, and the kids actually love it!

The kids have been loving this book they find it fun to learn new words, they love using the words they learned in our daily life. 

Overall, I would recommend this book to upper elementary or even secondary age students, they also have SAT word power books,  for older, or more advanced students and a picture speller game for younger students that looks fun!

These books sell for the very reasonable price of $12.95.  The game is $19.95. 

To see what other crewmates thought see our crew blog here. 

{Disclamer: I received this book for free for review purposes as my part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew.  These experiences were mine, and all opinions expressed are my own.}

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