Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich Action Figures


A while ago I took my youngest to a children’s museum near us.  She played with these great toys, and I really wish I could find the pictures of her playing with them, but alas…….  They were really quality figures.  There was a castle, along with other buildings and many knights. They also had fantasy toys.  It was set up on a table and it was definitely Katey’s favorite toy there.  I thought to myself, I would love to own these toys.  I also thought, they were museum quality and I could never afford them.  So I left it at that.  
Even the baby loves these toys!
PhotobucketThen as being part of TOS Crew.  I received some toys to review from Schleich, at this time I had no idea who they were.  When the package arrived we opened it and the kids were so excited they immediately began to play with the variety of animals that came.  Then they told me that they already had some of these.  They went and got 3 horses that they had received for Christmas from my Sister in-law.
I remember thinking that when they got those they were high quality as well.  I knew she got them at Target, but I never thought anything more.  (those horse figures were also on the top of the “played with” list for those days following Christmas, and even now)  It turns out both the figures from the museum and the figures from Christmas are both from Schleich.  A great company that sells their figurines online, or at Target and Toys R Us, or even Name Your Link' target=_blank>Amazon.  They are very affordable.  You can start out small with just a few and over time add to your collection.  These will last for years to come.  These figures are museum quality, at my local children’s museum, where hundreds of children play with them every day!

You can buy Schleich Action Figures online at or at your local Target or Toys R Us.  They also have a store finder here.

I highly recommend these toys.  They are high quality, hand painted, sturdy, life like, and your child still needs to use their imagination to play.  I will definitely be purchasing more of these.

To see how others are loving these check out our crew reviews here

{I received a few Schleich toys for free for review purposes, these experiences were mine, and yours may differ.}

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Catherine said...

They really are beautifully made, aren't they? I'm glad your children enjoyed them. Mind did, too!


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