Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pyramath is so cool!


I was given Pyramath to review as being part of TOS Review Crew!  I was so excited to get this.  I had tried the online version (which is free).   It is so fun!

My cards arrived in the mail quickly.  I was so excited to get them.  I opened up the package and there they were, the cards, along with a instruction booklet.  That’s right a booklet.  Not because the game is super complicated, but because there are so many variations you can play.  The booklet also shows you the other cards they sell and how to play those games.  So you can tell before you purchase.


That night I sat down with the cards and began playing one of the versions in the booklet.  I was definitely enjoying this, however I thought that it might be to complicated for the kids.  I decided to teach it to my husband, and get his opinion.  He caught on easy enough.  The next day I taught Emily how to play, it took me showing her once and then she was asking if she could try it on her own.  I stayed there watching her in case she needed any help.  (she needed very little)  She caught on so quickly.  She has asked to play these EVERY day.  She was even teaching her friends how to play.   Next I taught Tommy,  he caught on just as quick, and asks to play all the time!   The other day I even heard Emily asking Tommy if he wanted to play it with her.  WOW!  Now if I asked one of them if they wanted to practice math facts, they probably wouldn’t, but play a game where they practice math facts, absolutely!  This game is so fun, I even find myself wanting to play it. 



I love that this is really getting those math facts in her head.  I love that these are only $6.95.  I love that you can try to win a free pack occasionally on their Facebook fan page.  I love that the kids are begging to practice math facts.  I love that this is not a textbook, not online, and not boring and not on TV.   I love that it is so compact.  I plan on taking these on any trips we take.    I love that it can be a one player game or a two player game.   

I love that they have other educational card games such as Fractazmic, I See Cards and they are coming out with a new game, Prime Bomb!

To see how much other crew members loved this game, check out our post here

{I received Pyramath for free for review purposes as being part of TOS Crew.  I received no other compensation.  All opinions are my own. You experience may be different.}

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Jennifer said...

I've been jumping around on your blog, enjoying reading about your very active family. We still enjoy the online version of Pyramath and the cards. Thanks for joining the crew blog hop!


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