Monday, September 27, 2010

One heck of a Monday.

Here I am thinking nothing is standing in my way this week.  I will get everything done and more.  We will surpass our expectations in school work.  And did I mention how clean my house will stay. 

Then I went to bed late on Sunday, emotionally and physically drained.  Woke up way to early on Monday.  Did not have the kids' workboxes set up.  I had to clean the kitchen before I could make breakfast.  I forgot to buy jars to can peaches, when I finally made it to the store they were out of quarts, so I had to buy pints.  I forgot my drivers license when I went to the bank, so they would not give me any information on my account.  I had come back home and get my license to make my withdrawl.  By now I had whiney hungry kids, and nothing planned for lunch.  Hot Pockets it is.  Then we settled in for a movie day.  We did schoolwork in the afternoon.  Then I took a nap, and ran more errands and went out to a very fun dinner.  Now I am tired, and blogging. 

After all that griping I really realize how lucky I am to have my children.  I love that I know we are learning enough that I don't have to fight my way through the bad days.  I love that my children have learned the flexibility of homeschooling. 

I hope that I got a months worth of problems out of my way.  However, I do realize that most of the things were my fault from not planning ahead. 

Well, I am off to bed and hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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