Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Math help is on it’s way!

What would you say if I told you that you could have a math tutor come over any day any time? Sounds to good to be true, right?  Well with the Math Tutor DVD’s that is exactly what I got. 


These Math Tutor DVD’s are set up so that you learn through examples and by doing problems, not just by lecturing. 

I received two  DVD’s, first I got the T183/84 Graphing Calculator Tutor.  Now if you own one of these calculators this is worth the money.  You can really unlock the potential of you calculator.  And when you spend that price on a calculator, wouldn’t you want to use it to the maximum capacity?  I know I do!   This is a user manual on video, and in easy user friendly terms.  It is 3 DVD’s (8 hours) full of information!  There are 37 chapters, easily labeled so if you just need to learn something specific, you can jump right to that chapter on the DVD.   This DVD is $26.99.


The second DVD I received was The Pre Algebra Tutor- Volume 1.  This DVD started out by easing common fears of algebra, and then moves on to the very basics with whole numbers and moves right on through the rest of the rules.  This DVD explains everything in simple terms, and teaches by example.  There are 9 chapters on 2 DVD’s (5 hours) on these DVD’s.  The chapters are clearly labeled so if you (or your child) just need help in a specific area, it would be very easy to find.    Each lesson averages 30 minutes.  Which, for my 6th grader was a little long.  That was easily solved by pausing the DVD and taking a break.  This DVD is $26.99. 

The Math Tutor DVD’s range in price from $12.99 to about $26.99.   They also have package deals where you can save up to 50%! 

Overall- I would recommend this product!  The price is well worth it, and it can be used with any curriculum.  It gives you or your child that little extra that is sometimes needed to learn math. 

{I received these products as a member of TOS Crew.  I am sharing my honest opinion.  Your experience may differ}

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Michelle said...

If you are looking for help with k-3 math, I suggest DreamBox. Its a math game where the content progresses as the child masters math skills. The best part is that there is a parent dashboard that provides the parents with a report on what areas their child excels in in areas that need more support.

There is a free trial at


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