Monday, September 13, 2010

Me time, say what?



This weeks Blog Cruise question is about Me time. 


How do you find free time? Is it okay to take time for yourself? If so, how?


People often ask me how I spend so much time with my children.  It’s easy for me.  I like my kids, I like who they are, I like being with them.  Don’t get me wrong, we have our hard days.  But the good always out weighs the bad.


Sometimes, I do need a break from it all.  I think the break has to do with rejuvenation and reflection.   So I don’t feel the need to get away, I just feel the need to rethink what I am doing, what, if anything, should I change.  I happen to take that break every 6 weeks.  Which in my schedule is where I reevaluate our situation.  


When my kids were in public school I would find myself bored, and  I missed them dearly.  Now they are home and I try to keep our life and schedule relaxed enough that our life does not get to stressful. 


Since beginning homeschooling I have gone back to work.  I work a few nights a week as a server at a local restaurant.  That gives me a break from my family, which is actually harder to do that I thought it would be.   While I enjoy my job, I couldn’t handle being away for more than a few (usually 2 or 3)nights  a week.  The money has helped us as well. 


Since having children I have never gone on a vacation without them.  The closest I came was when I went to visit two of my sister in laws and I only took my baby (then 7 months old).  Paul stayed home with the other children.   Soon, (in the next 5 years) Paul and I would like to take a second honeymoon with out the kids.  But that’s in the future. 


My husband and I have gone out on dates with out the children.  We have good family nights, where we watch movies or play games as a family, and when my life gets stressful, those nights help me to unwind. 


So after writing this hodge podge of thoughts I realize that my life is not really one that I need to take a break from.  I do get breaks (the ones I described above).  I do have my minutes when I dream of a quiet house. But then I realize how I will miss my kids when they are gone, and I really try to focus on enjoying the time I have with them. 


I do feel it’s a good idea to take the time to reflect on your circumstances and a break is the best way to take a look “from the outside looking in.”   



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