Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emily turns 10!


We celebrated Emily’s 10th birthday this weekend.  She had a small family party.  (She chose to get a more expensive gift, rather than have a friends party.)


She chose salmon and steak as her special meal. 


She had a white cake with chocolate frosting!  YUMM


She got some really great gifts, and money too!


We had a Jello eating contest for the game.  DSC_0394  DSC_0398

The rules were hands behind your back, and your plate had to be cleaned!


Uncle Matt won!  In this picture he is clearly the first one to stand up with a clean plate!


That was alot of fun, and all you could hear was slurp, slurp, slurp.  Gross!


She did also get a Kohls giftcard and an American Girl Doll Petite Boutique, where you can make some cute accessories for an American Girl Doll.   Which she also got!  Molly! 


She was very excited, and for some reason my camera would not work when she was opening Molly. 

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