Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day Trip Scavenger Hunt


One of the fun things we did over the Summer was a special day trip with Katey.  It was a trip she really wanted to take. 

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum set up a scavenger hunt of all the DUP Historical Markers around our county.  It was a contest.  Once you got pictures of yourself at each of the 12 markers you could turn it in to win a gift basket.  Everyone entered and a name was drawn at the end of summer.  We didn’t win.  The girl that did looked so excited!  And we made some really great memories doing this.  All is well!

Now I will tell you something about me:  I love to stop and read historical markers.  In fact, I love it so much that I drive my husband crazy!  He always finds them interesting, however he is a deadline oriented guy.  I keep trying to tell him, it’s about the journey.  I still notice him trying to drive by them, hoping I won’t notice.

This was as much an opportunity for me as it was for Katey!


Her grandparents came to town to do this with us. 



We couldn’t find one of them.  We decided to ask when we went to turn her pictures in.  It was right out front of the museum. 


We learned so much about the history of our town.  I suggest one day you take the time to stop at historical markers!

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