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God’s World News- God’s Big World- A Magazine for Preschoolers {REVIEW}


God’s World News is a company that provides news publications for Christians of all ages.

About The Company:

God’s World News delivers current news in age appropriate magazines for Pre-Kindergarten through High School. Each issue of God’s World News is packed with age-appropriate stories, activities, puzzles and full color pictures.

From Pre-K through Middle School a MAP- IT! world wall map is included in the September issue.

Every magazine, has a locator map which will correspond with the wall map to teach kids where in the World the news is happening.

A full-year subscription is priced at $28 and includes 10 monthly issues (every month except December and May).

There are other subscription options available. 

Here is a picture of each of the levels of magazines.

Each subscription includes access to their newly launched website, where you can find activities, stories and other articles to help your fuel your child’s curiosity.

Be sure and check out World Magazine, which is a magazine for adults from a Christian perspective.


About The Product:

God’s Big World Magazine is a child size peek into our big world.


A Biblical worldview is taken on age appropriate current events and fun attention grabbing stories. 

These small (24 page) magazines are full of big color pictures and short read-to-me stories as well as fun engaging activities.

There are also general skill building activities such as alphabet, number and sequencing skills.

Some examples of the stories that were in our October issue are:

Monarch Butterflies and their migration.  This 2 page spread includes a map of their migration paths and fun migration facts.  You also get to meet Mr. and Mrs. Hess and learn what they are doing to help increase Monarch Butterflies around the world.  On the next page there is a butterfly puzzle where you draw what you need to make the butterflies match.  - Is it a line, a shape or a color?

Another activity is learning about baby birds and grown up birds.  You match the baby bird to the parent by matching the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters. 

Tyler loved the story about the giant pumpkin as well.  It showed how a man tried his best to grow the largest pumpkin and how he wasn’t able to win the contest, but he still tried his hardest.

 A day/week in our life:

We did not read the magazine from front to back all in a row.  That just wouldn’t work for my 4 year old.  What we did instead is take 2 days per week and choose a story each time to read about.  This ended up being perfect for us, because it gave us the opportunity to create and then follow rabbit trails. – You know those times when you follow a child’s interest and research together and learn more. 

Our thoughts and feelings: 

I felt like this magazine is just the right size for young children and the articles are all age/ level appropriate. We both enjoyed that this was something special for my preschooler and I to do together.  I loved that the stories were not all negative. 

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