Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little time saves alot of money

I received my internet bill in the mail recently, and I couldn't help but think how stinkin expensive internet is.  I was paying $57.95 plus $7.00 for modem rental PER MONTH! I have cable internet.  Then I heard about how another internet company (the one offered through my phone company) their internet was $19.99 per month for 6 months.   

So that's enough background.  Let's get down on how to save some money!  I called my internet company and told them about the deal the other company was offering.  My internet company agreed to price match for me.  So now I pay $19.99 a month (plus the $7.00 modem rental) per month for 6 months. 

All that savings for 15 minutes on the phone.  I am so happy.   Now in 6 months I will still have to decide what to do again.  But for now I am happy and saving money!

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