Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A whole new person


Katey went through a big transformation recently.  We took her in for a haircut.


She got a shampoo.

 20101204145905 20101204150057

She sat patiently in the chair while the stylist put her hair in a pony tail.  Then WHACK!



20101204150111 20101204151704

She cut off over 15” of hair.    Now this was no surprise to Katey, she knew she wanted short hair.  Her long hair was beautiful, but very hard to take care of and was always prone to tangles.  She donated her hair to Locks Of Love.  She had cut off enough hair that they will use it to make a hair piece for a child. This made the whole process more exciting for her.  She loves helping out. 


This is her with her cute new haircut.  Tyler couldn’t stop hugging and kissing her after.  It was like she was a whole new person to him. 


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