Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Teaching the difference of standard and metric measurements.

Master Innovations

 Master Innovations, LLC, sales a variety of math manipulatives. 

Master Innovations

We have been “Mastering the World of Measuring With The Master Ruler”  for the past while.  We have really enjoyed these.    We have 2 rulers, one metric (mm, cm, dm), and one standard (1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2” and 1”).   Each ruler has a measurement conversion chart right on the back of it.  These rulers have labeled and different color tabs on them, so you know which measurement you are reading.  This makes them so simple.  They really helped my handyman son get the hang of reducing while measuring.  Each Master Ruler sales for $9.95. 

We also got the workbook to go along with it.    It has all kinds of measuring worksheets in it.  The book starts of easy, you begin by measuring things from butterflies and bugs, to buildings an distances.  Then it works it’s way to be more challenging, with worksheets where you figure out how many miles away something is if 1/8” equals one mile.   Moving on to measuring and figuring out area or perimeter on squares or rectangles.   And still more challenging as it moves into adding and subtracting the fractions with like and unlike denominators,  and even moves into reducing the fractions.  The workbook sales for $15.95.

These rulers and the activity book proved to be challenging enough for my 11 year old who is studying fractions.  Yet my 10 year old who is learning division was also able to understand.   

Master Innovations

They have a nice poster with measurement conversions, which comes in helpful when talking about how many pints in a gallon, how many cups in a pint, ect.  The poster sales for $10.00

Master Innovations

Master Innovations

They also have Master Angles, Master Clocks and Master Fractions.  I can see how each of these items would definitely help your child to master these concepts in a fun way.    One great feature I see is that they are not geared toward younger kids as far as faces on the clock, and cartoonish characters.  That made this more appealing for my older children, they did not feel as if they were learning things for kindergarteners.  

{I received all of these items as my part of The Homeschool Crew in order to share this review.   All opinions expressed herein are my own, and have not been influenced at all.}

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