Monday, February 7, 2011

Our new school area!

One of the best things about our new house is all the storage it came with.  It’s convenient to get stuff in and out of, along with being located well throughout the house. 

 Here is our school closet.  It is a huge double door closet that fits everything.  

I set up our workboxes in there. 


We are still doing them the same, where I put both kids numbers on shared boxes.  Anything bigger they need for the day will go on top of the workbox.

  Katey’s circle time stuff will go on top of hers.  Right now we are working on memorizing The Pledge of Allegiance, by reading this book every morning.

Then we do our “Tell Me About Today” chart.

I love being able to store the books and activities right next to the workboxes.  This really enables me to set up school quickly. 


Another fun thing about this closet is that it is adjoined to a small loft area.  So the kids can set up bean bags and clipboards to work or read, if they don’t want to go down to the table or counter.

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