Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brrrrrr. It’s cold in here. Our Winter Studies.


With us living in such a cold climate many days in the winter we don't make it above 0° F.   A few days this winter our HIGH has been –7° F. (that’s a negative people).  I am talking about snot freezing cold. 
Living in a climate like this means that I have to get creative on our winter lessons all around. 
This year I took the lazy way out.  I am using Winter Wonders by Amanda Bennett.  It is a Download and Go unit.   P1081050

We have used the Download and Go Unit Studies before and they are said that they can be done in a week.  I have never been able to make that happen.  We have much more fun using them over an entire month, or even more. 
We have been working through the Winter one for a few weeks already.  Some fun things we have done are:
We did this neat experiment about how hot water will turn to water vapor in the cold.  We microwaved a cup of water for 2 minutes and took it outside and threw it in the air. P1040999
You can see it evaporate right before your eyes. 
I don’t know how cold it has to be for this to work.  It was –13° F   that day.
We did a really neat density experiment.  We started out the same old, colored water and oil. 
What we did different this time was freeze it.  Then watch it thaw.  As it thawed the ice (water) moved up to the top. 
P1231096That showed us that ice is less dense then even the oil.
  As it thawed the water went back down to the bottom.
And we do get outside in the winter sometimes. 
We went sledding.
In our yard.

We went ice fishing.P1161065
We have done some inside things too.
We had front row tickets to Katey’s concert! 
Let me just say, it was AHHH- Mazing!
We drew snowmen.  (Tyler was learning his circles).
And we made snowmen.  Indoors.
We tried all sorts of flavors of hot chocolate. PA240071

Of course we read a lot of winter books too.

Find out what other’s do for school in the winter by clicking on the Blog Cruise picture above. 
What kinds of things do you do in the winter?  Is it cold where you live?

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