Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 What have you done for me?



Well, 2012 started off so fast and crazy.  I had a hard time keeping up, physically, and emotionally.  I am glad to report that my grandmother-in-law in living as comfortably as she can in a nursing home.  I am able to visit her often when we go to the city.  (Which we are actually trying to travel less, it is just so dang expensive!)

I still love and actively use some tips I have shared with you this year.  Such as the minimizing distractions techniques.  I do have to put a time limit on the fort building now, or that becomes a distraction in and of itself.

My life has drastically changed since I stepped out of my comfort zone.  We are now very active in our group.  I teach a class using The Art of Argument.  My kids have a huge social life with our group.  They have and are taking other classes and participated in a play, as well as play dates and teen nights.  This was so worth reaching out to people I didn’t know and planning that party. 

We went to Yellowstone not once, but twice

We have finally found a schedule that works for us!!

I have become very comfortable with who I am

I have had to get a job for the first time in 2 years.  I waitressed part time before we moved.

We ended this year with a bang too.  It was super great to go out hunting, for a Christmas tree, that is.

And we spent a very quiet night in for our New Year’s Eve.  We really enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to eat your Black Eyed Peas today.  Wishing you and yours all the luck and wonder of 2013!

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Shanna said...

Fun way to sum up the year and highlight your posts!


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