Friday, January 10, 2014

This week in the life and times of Family Style School


Whew,  I finally feel like we might actually get back into things.  

The week before this I spent some seriously needed time individually with each child. 


My 4 year old and I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies!  Man, they were YUMM!!  IMG_3109IMG_3110

He turned the mixer on too high of a speed after adding the flour and well, you see. 

We also incorporated “Project Friday” into our schedule.  I helped my 8 year old make rice bags with her new sewing machine that she got for Christmas.


My 7th grader chose music as her project and she has been practicing piano and teaching herself to play the guitar.

My 9th grader chose to work ahead on his personal finance course (which is online)  He likes the course, so that is what he chose to work on.

During our first week back to school I also incorporated a new way of planning.  I gave my 9th grader, my 7th grader and my 3rd grader free reign in their planning.  I had them each give me the list of things they were going to do each day.  Each morning I would have them give me their plan and approve it or suggest a few changes.  I honestly tried to leave it as they had it, but when something like daily reading was missing, I would suggest they add it.  By doing this they actually got their whole lists done each day.  It was amazing. There was no nagging on my part and it was lovely.  I did it again this week as well.  I will most likely do it again next week too, but I will add back in my “Family School” time.  That I plan and they will also have some type of guideline to follow.  I am still working all that out. 


I also spent some time reorganizing myself.  I made new Mom’s Main Planner, with my blog planer, my daily planner, and some homeschooling stuff in there. IMG_3195

I made a budget and bills binder too.  I have always had my bills in a file, but I wanted a better way to keep them and I am watching my budget closer so I am giving the binder a try! I also am figuring out how to have my kids earn electronic time.  I am looking into some ideas now and how they will work within our family. IMG_3194

One day Katey wrote a thank you letter for a Christmas gift.  It is my hope that this weekend she will get the rest of them written.  I really need to get her writing more. IMG_3112

I got crazy and joined a 1000 mile challenge at work.  I could totally do it, except for one little rule.  You CAN’T use every day walking.  The 1000 miles has to be above and beyond that.  YIKES!  I am at about 3 miles. I better get on that. IMG_3098

Our newest addition to our family has actually been quite enjoyable.  I think her name should be Angela the Tarantula, but Katey insists her name is Hook Fang. 



This week our co-op started back up and I now teach two classes at it.

I teach science using  Considering God’s Creation by Eagles Wings.  We began our weather unit and I can’t wait for us to make our very own weather stations over the next few weeks. 

I also teach a teen cooking club.  We had our very first meeting this week.  It went very well.  I had them make sausage calzones, no bake cookies and we made smoothies with spinach in them. 




I am actually feeling an rush of excitement for the final half of this school year.  I have to imagine we will be getting so much done.  I sure hope I am right. 

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