Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reflections of 2013


This past year big changes happened in our household.


I was still working part time.  Things were good, the weather was cold.  We were into the swing of things schoolwork wise.  I was still using Five in a Row, as well as Amanda Bennett’s Winter Wonders Unit Study.  We did our really fun Simple Machines Unit also!


This month was filled with science.  We did a science experiment recap to show off all we had done so far. We were still getting into what our family looks like with me working part time.  My then 3 year old had to get 7 stitches in one toe! And I showed you how I began to menu plan and what my all around crazy life looks like.  Plus we had a fun Homeschool Co-Op Valentine’s Day party!


During March my kids had some art projects on display at our local museum.  I played catch up quite a bit.  The end of Feb we have 2 birthdays in our family too! I talked about those in March though.  My husband also changed jobs in this month, which was a semi long process.  Changing jobs in the oil field is tough.  His one job was keeping him so busy it was hard to look for another one.  He just wanted the change, and he got it. 


In April I began working even less hours.  YAY!!  We were settling in to dad being gone even more and having even weirder hours.  I taught my 8 year old how to do laundry!  A decision I will never regret!  I took my 14 year old turkey hunting on my own for the first time.  We also went as a family.  Softball season was in full swing for us and our co-op added a new class for girls, so Katey and Emily both joined.


May is the month I quit my job.  So I thought.  I gave my notice and on my last day my boss asked me if I would come in and cover shifts if needed, on a case by case basis.  I agreed.  This equaled to me working 0-10 hours per week. My co-op debate class also ended.  The weather warmed up and we spent lots of time outside.  Katey had a National Cheer Competition.  I spent some of the month stressed out of my mind. I also shared with you my very favorite love story! 


Remember how stressed I was in May?  Well June is the month I turned that around. We began our Summer Schedule and Emily began piano lessons. 


We traveled throughout the month of July. We did a lot of fun Summer stuff! We had a truly spontaneous summer.  I did my first freezer meal swap since I moved.  It was also the county fair!


We traveled some more!  I spent some time rambling.  Which seems to be how I communicate the best.  haha.  We did some fun summer nature study stuff.  I highlighted our summer so far too! Things slowed way down for my husband at work.  He was home a lot more.


I showed you all that I am not perfect.  I went back to working about 10-20 hours per week.  I started teaching a science co-op class. I got promoted at work to a supervisor.  I quit my biggest time waster.  Things at Paul’s work stayed pretty slow, which is good and bad.  Tyler and I took a fun parent child bitty ball class.


Much of this month was spent having a nervous breakdown.  I had to take time off work and make big changes in my house.  Paul’s work is still slow.  So now I am feeling the pinch financially. I was finally able to blog about a day trip we took in the summer sometime.  In all honestly I am still having a rough time with everything.


I decided to work 30 hours a week this month, to help with bills and Christmas.  Paul’s work is still slow.  His schedule is so erratic though that we never know when he is working or not.  He went to North Dakota for 3 weeks to work.  Working 30 hours a week is extremely hard for me.  I have been noticing that I have been letting things that are important to me and my family slack. I will share more about that in my goals for 2014 post.

We decided we were going to move on short notice.  We did a really fun, neat Christmas Study!  Katey was in a Thanksgiving play and my friend and I sewed the costumes for it.  We traveled for Thanksgiving and I did my very first once a month grocery shopping trip. I decided to do a homemade Christmas gift for each of my kids.  I learned to crochet and made Tommy a beard beanie and Emily a ear warmer.  I sewed Katey a cute skirt. Tyler’s isn’t quite done yet, but his will be a super hero cape.


We decided that we were not going to move.  I still am working 30 hours per week.  Paul’s work is still slow and expected to pick up, but for now it looks like I will have to keep up with the 30 hours a week working.  We had our first ever snow day!  We got 25” in less that 18 hours.  We did a lot of snuggling and reading. We went to the mountains and got our Christmas Tree and the girls were in some plays. We had  people come up to visit us for the holidays and our house was completely full!  We had so much fun.  We had a simple but amazing Christmas.  It was so relaxed.  I took a week off work and have been enjoying being lazy, even though I should be getting caught up, or lesson planning or something.  But I am feeling so good relaxing, spending time together with my family, hanging out in sweats with my hair in a bun.  November and December have their own detailed re-cap. Since they were both such busy months!

That’s my wrap up for the year!  Whew!

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