Thursday, November 14, 2013

40 Days of moving while homeschooling… through the holidays.


That’s right.  We are going to move in 30 days. 

I have moved while homeschooling before, but never during the holidays. 

I think.

I might.

Be crazy.

Yea, so, I decided we had better publically document this whole ordeal.



First let me share with you what I already have going on.

I homeschool my 4 children.  One is in Pre-K, one is in 3rd grade, one is in 7th grade and one is in 9th grade.

I work anywhere between 20-24 hours per week as a grocery store supervisor at a small local grocery store. 

I have my kids in way too many outside activities, such as plays, and drama club, music class, art class, weight training, women in history, Lego club, and science class.

I teach the science class.

Sometimes I substitute teach in the weight training class.

I volunteered to sew 14 of the pilgrim costumes for the play by Monday the 18th of November.

I am part of a very active mom’s group.

I am part of a monthly book club.

I blog. (sometimes)

I write reviews. After actually using and reviewing the items.  That is very time consuming.

I am a mom.

I am a wife.

My husband works in the oilfield and is gone often.

I am going to move across town in 30 days.

The holidays are coming.

This is the start of my journey.

Is my crazy showing yet?

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