Friday, November 15, 2013

Stories of the Pilgrims–An audiobook resource.


It’s almost Thanksgiving…… 

For the past few years we have taken some time right before Thanksgiving to learn about the pilgrims and their coming to America for religious freedom. 

To keep things different each year we use a different resource. 

This year I was able to review a wonderful resource.

Stories of the pilgrims

Stories of the Pilgrims Audiobook by Jim Hodges.

Audiobooks are a tradition in our house as well, we often listen to them while we do our daily chores or while we play quietly with Legos or doing a puzzle.

Are you traveling over Thanksgiving.  This would be a wonderful way to pass the time!! 

This one fit in perfect. 

Often times we would find ourselves wanting to pause the stories and look things up on the internet or discuss things.

One of the neat things was when the book mentioned the wooden shoes of Holland. We had to stop it and take the time to look up pictures of wooden shoes and I have a friend who’s husband served a church mission in Holland and we were able to see some in real life a few days later. 

This 43 chapter audiobook is just over 4 hours long.  The chapters were engaging and held our interest well.  Often days the kids would want to keep listening.  This is a living history book.  You feel like you are right there with them seeing the gorgeous flowers in Holland and smelling them too.  You picture the thatched roofs and cobble sidewalks. 

There were some ups and downs in the book and even some adventure scenes.  We found ourselves rooting for the pilgrims throughout the book.

This book is on sale for November for just $15

For an additional $5 you can get a nice study guide to go along with the book.

The study guide is quite flexible.  It includes so much and you can pick and choose what you use.  Vocabulary words, projects and Venn diagraming are just some of the things you can choose from in the study guide.

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