Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3rd Week of School:



In my life this week:

This week started off a lot better than last week, other than the fact that sickness keeps trying to creep in. My oldest was diagnosed with strep throat on Saturday.  I decided to treat it naturally while I waited for the culture to come back. Which meant Tuesday since it was a holiday weekend here.  It worked!  The strep was gone by Tuesday and he never had to be on antibiotics.  I also oiled up the rest of my family with some On Guard and no one else got it.

IMG_5534I spent some time make some of my mom’s famous homemade chicken noodle soup. She taught me to make it in big batches since it is so good people will eat the leftovers for days.  

So I did.

Mine was a flop. 

I must have done something terribly wrong.

At least it looked good, right?


Something that did go right was canning!  I canned about 10 quarts of peaches and my husband canned 2 half pints of jalapeños and 5 pints of pickles.

We decided to go fishing on Monday.  NO ONE CAUGHT A FISH!  IMG_5539

Well, I did. Winking smile IMG_5543

We all still had fun though.  We completed our ice bucket challenges using lake water. 


We came home from that day and decided to have a camp fire.  That is one of my favorite things about fall, campfires.  It gets dark early enough and is cool enough that we can do a fire in our backyard fire pit.  This is nice because we all just sit around the fire, no electronics (except to take this picture), and talk.  We play campfire games and hang out together.  It is so much fun!


One last thing about me for this week is we had a ton of leftovers this week so I decided to have a leftover lunch.  I put all the leftovers out on the counter and each child had to get approval to use something not on the counter.  Things like condiments were approved, but otherwise, NO.   This worked out extremely well and I plan on doing it again.

The younger kids had a 4H day camp on Saturday.  They did many activities that had to do with rockets. They both loved it!




In my homeschool this week:

My 10th grader has been the sick one this week.   The beauty of this is that he didn’t have to miss anything academically.  He was able to not only keep up on school work, but he worked ahead so that he could take some days of to go hunting when he began feeling better.

IMG_5587My 8th graders schedule fills up quickly.  In addition to her regular schoolwork, her music classes and her Handmaidens of Virtue co-op class she started an art journaling class specific for teen girls and volleyball season started.  Next week (Well this week we add even more into her schedule.)

My 4th grader

Daddy came home from a few weeks away and so Katey wanted to make him a welcome home cake.   She did everything by herself, from reading the directions to getting the supplies out, to making it, to decorating it, to eating it.  It was perfect!



She also spent a lot of time reading books.  This week I realized SHE CAN READ!  I feel like we have been doing reading lessons and that they were never going to end.  She has only read one chapter book this week, but she has read about 7 smaller non fiction books this week. PB263376

My Kindergartener has been working through his daily book that I made him.IMG_5570  His favorite part is singing the days of the week song and the months of the years songs.  We pulled up our favorite ones on YouTube and I saved them to my favorites.  IMG_5572

One of the pages is handwriting.  He is supposed to write his name each day.  He got real whiney and said it was just to hard.  Since I haven’t ever had him do any writing and he hasn’t done much coloring until this year, I decided to lay off slightly and each day he just writes a letter 5 times. He is still building up the dexterity in his hand to write.  IMG_5575

He did enjoy writing letters on the white board with Emily. IMG_5580

While the girls were in their class at the library I took him to story time.  They read a story and do a craft as a group. He loved it. I think we will continue to do this.

Together school.  IMG_5569

Each Monday we have been having a family meeting.  Something special that I decided to incorporated is a fun family activity.  This week we played a gamed called Guesstures.  It’s a quick charades game.  We all had a lot of fun and played for much longer than I thought we would.

PB253371For science the 4th and K have been learning about wetlands, naturally, they made an edible wetlands diorama, naturally. 

I know I should go through and link up my resources, but I am struggling to write this post.  My weekend was extremely full and I am tired.  Maybe next time.  At least I stuck to it and got it written.  In fact I am being so lazy about it that I am not even going to link it up anywhere I usually do…. There’s always next week! Smile

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