Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rainbows, Hamsters and Birthdays. Oh, My!

In my life this week:

This week started off with a court appearance.  It  was just over a speeding ticket. While we were waiting there we saw the most beautiful rainbow.


We had Emily with us.  I really feel like this was a great learning experience for her.  After I saw her looking up the requirements it takes to be a judge.

Tuesday night was fun. My husband and I don’t get much time together.  Since he was home that night, we decided to have a midnight snack.  Our typical go to midnight snack is BLTs .  We made the bacon and cut the tomatoes (that we picked from our garden).  We went to get our bread to toast and we were out of bread.

IMG_5640[1]Paul had his on a hotdog bun and I daringly tried mine on Blueberry Eggos.  It was actually really good!

The rest of the week was filled with volleyball games, birthday parties and music lessons.

Katey had a friends birthday party at the pool. 


We also had a bon fire birthday party for Emily.  It was a fun teen party.  We even played night games like kick the can.




In my homeschool this week:

My 10th grader began his co-op class.  The only outside class he is in right now is Foundations. It’s a Dave Ramsey personal finance class for teens. He also works part time and has been hunting. He is keeping up in all his other subjects.  He did figure out how to hack a game and put in a cheat code so he has unlimited money.  He said it was similar to when he was using Small Basic.


My 8th grader has been slightly falling behind in her schoolwork.  She is my busy child.  She attends 4 co-op classes as well as private music lessons for guitar and piano. She is also active in 4H.  We have put in place a plan for her to get “caught back up” over our week off in a few weeks.  This makes me so glad we are trying this new homeschool schedule.


My 4th grader has done amazingly well at keeping up with her schoolwork.  We learned all about Urban Habitats in science this week.  I made the mistake of checking out some pet books from the library and she has read tons of them.  She has now decided that she wants a hamster.  She has read and researched them at the library and online.  She has even been watching how to talk your parents into letting you get a hamster video on You Tube. She had me take her to the pet store to price out her shopping list she made.  Then she came up with a plan to earn the money for a hamster.  As of now we have said not right now.  It’s just not something I have a place for.  Maybe when we move in a few months.  I am very proud of all the effort she has put into this and really her heart was only broken for a few days.  She’s moved on…

My Kindergartener has been doing his daily workbook that I made every day.  It is almost to a point where he can do it all on his own. IMG_5657[1]We have decided to add in Explode the Code book Get Ready for The Code.  He has also been loving science with The Magic School Bus.  IMG_5652[1]This week we made bird feeders and he loves looking out the window to see birds eating off of his. 

He also got his first very own library card. 


Books we read:

I’m reading Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman and Parenting the Ephraim’s Child by Deborah Talmadge.  I finished reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

Tommy and Emily are both reading in Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson for Literature.

Emily is also still reading Hunger by Michael Grant.

Tommy has done all his personal reading in magazines like Backpacker and Field and Stream. This works for both of us.  He has a hard time getting into books but really enjoys magazines.  Hey, reading is reading.

Katey has read a ton of Blast off Readers on Backyard Wildlife and Caring for your pets.

Tyler has just been read to by us.  His favorite book this week was No, David.


Resources we used:

Video Text Math

Teaching Textbooks

Math U See

All About Spelling

Lightning Lit

Bridgeway Grammar


Moving Beyond the Page

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. There are also freebies. There are also just links to products without affiliate links. I'm trying to show what we did and where you can find it, not to sell you a product...although if you decide to buy one of them, please feel free to use the links and support a fellow homeschooler.

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