Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How our homeschool is organized.


I live in a smaller house and we do not have the luxury of having a dedicated school room.  Here is how we have organized for this year.


Each child has a container for their books and work.  This is where any book they are using on a regular basis goes.  Next to it is our library basket.


Most schoolwork is either done at our kitchen table.

PB183356 Our counter, or on the couch.


We have one main bookshelf downstairs and each of the kids has one or more bookshelves in their room.  I also have a large closet with our curriculum books. I have this small bookshelf next to our big one which is really a catch all, so my counters don’t get cluttered.


Around the corner from that is a 9 cubby shelf.  I have it organized from left to right, top to bottom; mail, random mom books and a pen caddy, my purse, books the older kids share for curriculum, crayons etc., our out the door basket (it has things like a lint roller, a hairbrush, sunscreen, bug spray, kids sunglasses, etc.), nothing, curriculum that we are using but not daily, our science kits from Physics Quest.

On top of the shelf I have my household binder. and some random things that need to be put away.  I have a family calendar hanging on the wall as well as the library calendar and a community even calendar on a clipboard.  The dry erase PB183358board I use for lists of all kinds.

PB183348Living in a small house and homeschooling so many proves to be challenging at times. So I have resorted to using our hallway to teach All About Spelling.  Sometimes we use the hallway to teach other things as well.

What can I say we learn everywhere! 

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