Thursday, December 20, 2012

A new season of life.

For some reason I have a song in my head while writing this post, and I don’t want to be alone in that so ……   “Somewhere over the rainbow way up high…. is a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.”

There now that I got that out of my system. 

MC900360994My husband was diagnosed with pneumonia.  SAD.  I know.  He is well and on the mend now. 

If ever there is a perfect time for this to happen.  It was now.

The time has come in my life for me to make a few un-wanted (haha) but necessary changes.  I have had to get a job.  I have been working part time as a checker at a grocery store.  I have 3 kids that will need braces and with my husband being in the oilfield industry, which is a feast and famine type of lifestyle.  I have had to find a way to bring some income in.

MC900233934So while I was in training, he was able to be home (on the mend) with the kids. 

Now my schedule is more flexible and I have so far been able to maintain working, and homeschooling, as well as being a parent and somewhat of a wife.  LOL. 

I am not planning on this for the long term.  I am looking at this as just a season in my life.  That is helping me get through this. 

I am just now beginning to find balance, and that. is. a. good. thing.

I still feel like I should be home with my family.  I worry about falling behind on my never ending to do list.  But my family has so far been more than helpful in this situation.

MM900336579I am very fearful that I won’t be able to hold up all the plates I am balancing.  I was doing fine and totally in my comfort zone, which has now been blasted to pieces. 

I asked around and was very surprised to find out how many homeschooling mothers actually hold a job, or volunteer outside of their home.  If they are all making it work, so can I!!!

I want you to know that I really appreciate blogging.  I appreciate being able to journal about my life.  I really appreciate you reading it.  I really appreciate when I read other’s blogs, that I don’t feel alone.   I am hoping some out there can relate to me. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A week of firsts and lasts.


Well last week has been full of a bunch of first and a bunch of lasts. 

To keep in interesting let’s start with the lasts. 

Tommy completed his last lesson in Christian Kids Explore Physics.  He did great clear throughout this program, even toward the end when he had two sciences going on. 

Katey completed her last lesson in Math Made Easy Addition. 

Some Firsts:

Katey began Math U See Beta.  She has actually loved the first few lessons so much that each day she asked, YES, ACTUALLY ASKED to do extra worksheets every day. 


Our biggest first this week is that we cut down our own Christmas tree.  This has a story in and of itself, that I am going to try and blog about later.

My Album 2-032

Emily and I made our very first batch of completely homemade cinnamon rolls.  We used The Pioneer Woman’s Recipe.  To die for!!  We even Jingled some of our neighbor’s. 


Other Happenings

After last weeks calculator dissection, Katey was very jealous.  So I took her to the thrift store and bought her some things to take apart and discover how they work. 


She loved this.


Friday we had our own game night. We played Jenga , we also played knock over the Jenga blocks.  We played our own family version of Rook, which we call Oh’ Heck. 





We got out our old Labyrinth board out. This is from when I was a child.  We all had a lot of fun with it.


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