Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our Homeschool Method is, well……..


Aren’t we all a little bit.

We our going to be beginning our 4th year.  WOW!  So we have just been finding our way.  
Katey doing a math lesson.

Our first year began with about 6 months or so of de-schooling.  Lots of reading and math games.  Spending time as a family and doing a few unit studies together.  After that we settled in and purchased Math-U-See and added that in.  That year we just slowly added stuff in and took some away.

At the Children Learning Center in Yellowstone
Our next year we joined the Schoolhouse Review Crew and got a real feel for what eclectic feels like.  LOL.   We did not stick it out with Math-U-See.  We moved on to Life of Fred and trying out anything and everything we received from the crew.
A picnic after visiting the fish hatchery

This past year we tried virtual schooling while remaining on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  That was crazy.  We went with K12 and they really keep your days so full.  The kids also began some co-op classes.  Talk about over doing it that year. 
The Dinosaur Museum.

This year we are going back to doing it on our own with very literature rich curriculum base.  K12 left hardly any time for reading for fun and we would like to get back into that.  We are also sticking with some of our co-op classes. 
Using the Discovery Scope at the beach.

Like I said, we are still finding our way and even if something works great at one time, it may not fit our needs in the future.  We remain flexible and open minded. 
Creating a home, complete with a swimming pool, for the bugs.

We do always try to fit learning and exploring in at every opportunity. 

Read what other methods the crew is using.


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