Free Internet Educational Resources

Amazing Resources
Homeschool Share
Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Teachers Pay Teachers
Homeschool Creations ~blog with free printables
1+1+1=1~blog with free printables
Free File Folder games
Confessions of a Homeschooler~ blog with free printables
Currclick ~always changing and they have great sales too.
Donna Young ~ calendars, blank game boards, handwriting helps.  TONS!
Garden of Learning ~ She has a many internet resources- educational- kitchen- and just plain neat! 

Worksheet generators   All ages
Lakeshore Learning

Pre K-  Elementary 
Starfall  Free printables too!
Fun Brain
Brain Pop - BrainPop Educators and Game up are free.
Big IQ Kids - Check out my review! 
Fun 4 the Brain

Language Arts

Go Go Kabango Pre K Pre reading website (1 free habitat – Twister Top) I also reviewed the paid habitats, check that review out here.
Word Dance 3rd + You try and guess the dancing word.
Roy the Zebra K-3rd Multiple reading helps
*Progressive Phonics PreK+ A complete phonics reading program. I have used this with my daughter when she was struggling to read. It was amazing.
Scribble 1st+ You get letters and see how many words you can make with those letters.
*Reading is Fundamental All Ages Full of fun amazing activities!! A really great resource!!
Dr. Suess PreK+ Fun for Dr. Suess lovers.


Writing Prompts-

Writing Test -8th Grade Tennessee 

Writing -5th Grade Nevada


California State

Pyramath 2nd grade- Adult Multiplication & Fractions You can even win a free deck of their cards for getting a high score. See my reviews here and here.
*Cool Math 4 Kids Beginning math up to Pre Algebra Some fun ways to do math drills We haven’t spent a whole lot of time here and there is a whole lot on there.
Cool Math Pre Algebra and up More fun math games Scroll to the bottom to see the plethora of math game websites. 

Timez Attack  Add /Subtract/ Multiply and  Divide  

Upper Level Math Helps Worksheet generators too.
Math Worksheets with answer keys. 

Science Monster 4th + Science topics are categorized for easy navigation.
Bill Nye the Science Guy 4th + Scientific Notation
Cool Science 4th + Science experiments
Yuckiest Site 2nd + Science experiments
FBI 5th+ Forensics
Robotics 5th+ Robotics
EPA All ages
Tons of water cycle resources
Kids Science Link  All ages   Really great for any science subject.  Links to other websites. 

Shmoop ~  Great website with all subjects!  Take your time there and look around.  

Sprout PK-2nd Games, Videos, Craft ideas, Recipes Fun with favorite TV Characters
PBS Kids PK-2nd Some games and videos Fun with favorite TV Characters
Disney All Ages Mostly non educational games Fun with favorite TV Characters

If you know of anymore please leave them in the comments and I will get them added.

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