Monday, July 5, 2010

Tyler 1st Birthday Party

Tyler turned ONE on July 1st!  We celebrated his birthday the weekend before. 


We had Sanpete BBQ Turkey.  It is a family favorite. 

The recipe is:

3-5lbs of boneless turkey pieces.

1 part soy sauce

1 part Sprite (or any lemon lime flavored soda)

1/4 part oil

Horseradish to taste

Garlic to taste

Let it marinate overnight and the next day.

BBQ it up for dinner! 





We spent time with family opening presents.  He got a new swimsuit and floating toy.


He got lots of new clothes and toy trucks.


He got a new ride on toy.  A Radio Flyer Retro Rocket.

This is his cake. 


I made some cupcakes and put pieces of yarn under them then Tyler’s own cake was the white one at the bottom.  We also had ice cream sandwiches.

I prefer cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches at my birthday parties as opposed to the more traditional cake and ice cream, because I don’t want to have to worry about cutting cake and dishing up.  Plus, it cuts down on the amount of dishes we use.  Call me lazy, but it works for me.


Here is the picture you have all been waiting for…


Tyler eating his first cake!

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