Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We were in an Independence Day Parade. (part 2)

Every year we head down to my families cabin to celebrate Independence Day over the 4th of July.  There are lots of festivities that go on in this small little town.  One of them being a parade. 

Our family has 2 floats.  One of them is a truck we decorate and throw candy (and novelty toys) from.  This is known as “the little kids float”.

The next one is a trailer pulled by a four wheeler.  We decorate that and fill up garbage cans with water.  We have these giant water guns made out of PVC pipe.  We squirt cool people off during the parade.  This is known as “the big kids float”

We have been doing this for so long that the parade watchers have come to expect it and they are usually ready and waiting with buckets of water and hoses to get us back!  You could say it turns into a town water fight.   They do position us toward the end of the parade (whether it’s got to do with the water or us not being able to get to the line up early enough is yet to be determined)

For the last 2 years we have also had Katey and her cousin in a Hummer decorated and throwing candy. 

If you have never entered a float in a parade, I highly recommend it.  It is so fun to be able to be in the parade.  It is a lot of work, we are lucky enough to have a big extended family that helps out with the work and expense of it. 

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mrsd said...

I love parades! Watching or being in them. Growing up, I was always in the band. Nowadays, I ride on the float, or dress up in 1890's garb and walk. Glad to see you on the crew, looking forward to more of your posts;)


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