Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where have I been?


 Tommy 2nd Place State Qualifier Katey 1st place State Qualifier

Emily 3rd Place State Qualifier Tyler sneaking into cookies while I pack for camping

Summer is definitely our busiest season.  We just love the outdoors and can’t get enough.  Between camping, boating, picnicking, swimming, BMX, and just enjoying ourselves, I just can’t get ahead of the game.   

Emily getting dropped off at Horse Camp

Emily has been at Horse Camp this past week.  She is such a big help to me.  She is really good at doing what I ask her to, and she is such a help with Katey and Tyler.  I really missed her this week, and it just went to show me how much I actually rely on her. 


On top of all this stuff, I have been doing a total revamp of our household.  I have been deep cleaning one room a day, and noting all the daily, weekly, etc, chores.  Hopefully this will help us keep up on household things.  


I have made a “mommy book”, a planner, and all things that I need at a glance.  Basically a big personalized planner.  I used The Old Schoolhouse Planner 2010-2011 for that.  Which I love by the way. 


I have revamped my filing crate.  Which is an extension of my “mommy book”. 


I have rearranged our workboxes. (which will be coming up in another post) 


I have decided on a school schedule. (also in an upcoming post)


As you can see, I have let some things go in order to accomplish these things, mainly blogging, and we have lightened our schoolwork load during this.   


I really feel as if this will help our school and household run much more smoothly this coming school year.  I am so excited that I am beginning to feel under control.   So watch for my upcoming posts on how I organized it all.  

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