Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinosaur Day Field Trip

Field Trip Friday! 

This Friday I took the kids all to an interactive dinosaur museum.  We all had so much fun. 

We started out at the robotic dinosaurs, which was pretty scary for the little ones.  They just weren’t sure what to think.  Katey even asked me if they were real, and she knows dinosaurs are extinct. 

We then went through the rock exhibit and saw many types of rocks and crystals.  It was really fascinating since we just finished learning about the rock cycle. 
We then moved to the dinosaur exhibit.  There were many dinosaur bone exhibits.  One of our favorites was the Allosauraus legs, it had all the legs from baby to adult, to show you just how much they grow.  (Dang, I should have taken a picture of that.)

We then moved outside, where you walk amongst the dinosaurs complete with sound effects and everything. 


Tommy even dared put his hand in a Triceratops mouth.
We compared our feet to various dinosaur foot prints. 

We took some fun pictures.
Katey and Tyler were almost a dinosaurs dinner!  YIKES!
Tommy dared ride a wild one.
Emily hatched.
I saw some of the “Worlds Most Scariest Creatures.”

We played on the dino playground.

We used our paleontology skills to uncover a dinosaur. 
The kids had been waiting the entire time at the museum to go into the


They got 10 minutes to dig and find as many jewels as they could.
P1010411 P1010412 P1010413 P1010414 P1010416 

They all got a lot of jewels.  Afterword we took the time to see which kind they were.  Then they made trades of course. 
After the Jackpot Mine we got to see a real Paleontologist at  work. 

The entire ride home the kids were talking about how much fun they had and how it was so neat to see the rocks.    They unanimously agreed that the Jackpot mine was their favorite part.  Tyler loves his little dinosaur toys he got from the gift shop too.  He carries them around saying “Raaarrrr” and then he laughs. 

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Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

How fun! My boys have always been fascinated with dinosaurs. My oldest wouldn't even learn his ABC's so we taught him by teaching him a dinosaur for each letter! A..Apatosaurus, B...Brontosaurus...etc. So funny.

I remember when they were little our zoo had a dinosaur attraction and we took them. Thought they would love it. WRONG! The robotic, animatronic dino's terrified them! Who makes up this stuff and markets it to kids anyway? lol My poor traumatized children.

The museum sounds awesome and it looks like you survived. :) Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday! :)

Autismland Penny said...

This is great. We have a similar park near us that we never visited when Logan was into dinosaurs. Thanks for the reminder. Perhaps when it is cooler we will go over.


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