Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting kids organized for the new school year.


Remember my post from yesterday, about my card file and organization? 


Well I have adapted it to my older kids.  Here is a tour of Emily’s box. 



She chose out a very cheap cute pink box.  Her box is a much simpler version of mine.  Instead of having months and dates and all that, she has 2 weeks worth of Monday – Friday cards and then 2 weekend cards. 

She has daily cards as well, such as silent reading.  She has 2 of these cards each for 30 minutes to equal 1 hour total.  We broke it up into two cards, so she doesn’t have to read a complete hour all at once, unless she wants to.


Her math she does daily, but it varies from day to day what she is supposed to do.  So her math card looks like this. 


She only does science twice a week, on Monday and Tuesday.  So here is her science card.  On Monday she files it under Tuesday and on Tuesday she files in under the next Monday. 


I made these labels in Microsoft Publisher to replace the numbers on the workboxes.  So she knows which box has which subject. 



At night when I go through my box I choose out some jobs that need to be done that she can do.  I add them to her card file.  Things she is always responsible for are always in her card box, such as making her bed, sorting her dirty laundry, etc. 



The card file box works for us.  She loves hers just as much as I love mine. 

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Berry Patch said...

I've been saving this in my Google Reader and I just wanted to pop over to thank you for sharing. I am planning to use this with all my boys this fall. I love the idea. Thanks!


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