Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011-2012 school year choices.


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While I didn’t choose the curriculum piece by piece this year, I did still choose it. 

This year we are going to do things totally different than I have ever done before.  We are going to use K12 which is basically public schooling at home.  It is free in our state if you register through the district.   


I have my many reasons as to why I am choosing this route.  A few of them are; money, the ability to have me be held more accountable to a schedule, and I don’t have to dwell over what curriculum to purchase.  I am still going to try and add in things along the way, however it does look like a very full curriculum.  Of course, I will still be reviewing for TOS Crew.


I am doing this with a total open mind.  I am going to give it my best shot.  I am still going to be actively involved in their learning.  I still have to follow the teachers guides and lesson plans.  The thing is that I don’t have to plan it all out.  I am great with planning extraordinary things that are often hard to follow through with. 


I still feel some drawbacks such as, I don’t have any say in any of the curriculum.  I am really happy with the Math U See and Life of Fred that we have been using.  Now we will give their math a try.  The same goes for History.  We have absolutely loved The Story Of The World and activity book, but alas we will try out theirs. 


Emily recently received her curriculum and it looks great though. 




I will let you know how this works out for us. 


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~Jamie~ said...

I'm curious how you find out which states offer this curriculum free? I checked out the site and it looks great. We are facing the same issues right now, with a job change for my husband. Thanks!

Alicia K said...

Stopping by from the "Not Back to School" Blog Hop. Several of my friends use the free curriculum from K12 and all of them seem to love it! I have been impressed by what all is included.

I am also on the Crew, for the first time. Maybe I will see you over on the TOS Boards.

Have a great school year!

Unknown said...

Here is the website to see if your state offers the free curriculum.

Unknown said...

I have a friend that uses it too! I think it's amazing that it's available!! The best part is that YOU still get to teach them and be with them... adding in what they need or what you want! But you don't have to plan or purchase the materials;)

Sally said...

I know it can be tuogh to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, but as long as you know that this is the best for your children, then all will be well! You have a godd attitude, and that will help your children to be positive in trying new programs. I wish you all the best this year!! I'm here by way of the HOTM blog hop, and I hope you'll stop by and see what all we (will hopefully) be up to this year!

Angela W. said...

I'll be interested in following your journey this year. Sounds like a great option!

Following & a TOS Crew Member

L2L said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful year, and if your family pays taxes, you really aren't getting it for free. We homeschool because we want what is best for our children and that best looks different for everyone!!!! Although I would love to hear more about this Fred Series!!!! Its the second time I've seen it mentioned on a blog but I've never noticed it before, lol!!!!

Unknown said...

Blessings with this new chapter in your life. I believe you will be blessed. Many years ago we used k12 -- and it is a rigorous and complete curriculum.

(from the crew)

Stacy said...

I don't know about it being free in my state but I just heard of someone I know going to start it with their highschool daughter this year. Good luck to you.

MissMOE said...

I know of several families that have used K12. All of them had great experiences with it. And receiving those boxes is an awesome experience. One of my friends let me come over for the opening of the boxes! LOL! The things homeschoolers find fun. Hope your year goes well.

Lynn said...

I hope you have a wonderful year! :)


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