Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally, We have eggs!

That’s right our Leghorn hen and our Golden sex link have been laying eggs. 

How do I know who it is?

Well two reasons. 

One is because our Leghorn is the only hen we have that lays white eggs. 

We have 2 Americana’s that lay blue and green eggs, and 2 sex links, one golden and one black, they lay brown eggs.
The other reason, is because we saw her laying.  We would open the lid and she was just sitting in the nesting box.  A few minutes later, she got up and there was an egg. 

It has been very exciting for all of us. 
We got our hens on March 10, 2011, they were approximately 1 week old then.  We got our first egg on July 19, 2011. 

To see our chicken story from the beginning, check out our Family Farm posts.

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