Monday, August 15, 2011


It’s about time I wrote an About Me page, don’t cha think?

Let me introduce myself.  


My name is Alyson. 

I am in my early 30’s.  I am not at all one bit organized.  I try hard though.  


I love a clean house, but the cleaning it, not so much.  I believe!  I am just a regular person, not so super, but I try.  


I asked my husband to describe me.  Here is what he said.  Funny, sarcastic, picky, extremely picky, good cook when she wants to be.  


Oh honey, I see why you love me so!

I am a mom to 4! 
I have Tommy, who is 12, crazy, I know!  

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He is into all things trucks.  He knows everything about them.  He loves to build stuff and ride bikes.  Basketball and BMX are his favorite sports to play and Football is his favorite sport to watch.


Science is his favorite subject.  He doesn’t care to be written about a whole lot, and I respect that.  


I have Emily, who is 10, yikes, I’m old! 


She is into all things girly, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc.  She is a total fashonista! 


Her favorite color is green.  She loves bike rides, swimming, ice skating, and all things arts and crafts. 


I have Katey, who is 6. 


She is really into Barbie’s and bikes, swimming and ice skating.   She often wishes she were older and I often wishes she were younger.  


After quite the struggle to learn her letters, she now amazes me at how well she is reading.  She recently learned to waterski and loves it. 


She is so friendly and will play with anyone.  She always says the funniest things.

Bringing up the end is Tyler, 2.


He is all boy, all dangerous all the time!  He keeps all of us busy.


I am incredibly happily married to Paul.  He works on the oilfields and is gone a lot.  


We cherish every family moment he is home with us.


Now for my words that describe him.  Brave, great father, hardworking, wears his heart on his sleeve, generous, loving, fun, simple, good cook when I'm not, he is always wearing a hat. 


We live in a fairly small (to me) town, and love it.  We enjoy everything outdoors!


We love family time.  We love to try new things and to go places we have never been.  

Well that’s us, I look so forward to meeting all of you.  Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I will be sure to come and “meet” you.


Croppermom said...

Thanks for the letting me "get to know you." I have been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy it a enormously. Come check out my blog some time

Mom In The USA said...

I love your imperfect life. Don't you know it's our imperfections that make us perfect? Thank you for sharing. I found you on Top Mommy Blogs.

Stop by and meet us.


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