Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tot School

This week Tyler has been up to so much.

We had a very fun last week before we officially start school.

We went to waterpark after waterpark after waterpark.


Tyler and Daddy floated around the lazy river.


We hiked around Fantasy Canyon.


He colored in his same old Cars coloring book. 

He has almost colored on every page in that book. 


Tommy read him the directions in a workbook, but Tyler just colored it how it wanted to anyways.

We went to the waterpark near us 2 days in a row. 


On the first day Tyler hung out a lot on the chairs playing angy brd peas (Angry Birds please)


We did do some swimming and I even took him down a waterslide.

The second day was an evening party.


He loved the watermelon!

We did not get in the water as much this day.  It was too cold for us wimps. 

I seriously got so sick of Tyler’s toys all over the front room floor every single day. 

So I decided to do a clean out of his toy box. 


Emily loves organizing, so she helped me. 

Tyler didn’t seem to mind or even care.


He just kept singing if your happy and you know it clap your hands into his microphone.  His version sounds more like “Happy, Happy, Happy,”

So as you can see, his speech is really coming along, I mean really.  In the car on Friday, Emily kept having him say words and there wasn’t a word he couldn’t repeat.   I am so proud. 

This was our Tot School this week.  To see what other tot’s are doing check out Tot School over at 1+1+1=1

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Lulu said...

Looks like a fun week! Love the photo of Tyler & his daddy "floating".

I only post my tot school fortnightly at the moment but my older son seems into it {20 months}- won`t be long til my younger one wants to get involved too no doubt.

Glad you could sort out the toys- I am the same! I hate clutter and feel like I am constantly picking up toys- Noah is pretty good abotu cleaning up now though if I ask him!


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