Friday, August 12, 2011

Week in Review 8/12/11


The one where we were hardly ever home.


We are not officially back to school yet.  We are not ready for Summer to be over. 

Here is what we have been up to this week. 

5th Grade

Language Arts

She has worked through some more literature assignments as well as she is almost done reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary.



Fun Stuff/ Art

We spent a day at the lake swimming around and having fun.  See that post coming up tomorrow. 



A few of her friends and her even had a spa night.  They did conditioning treatments, pedicures and facials, they even included Katey. 


One afternoon a friend and her performed a song and dance that they had been practicing all day for us.  It honored mothers and fathers.  It was so sweet and melted our hearts. 


We went to the waterslides where we live.


One of her best friends had her tonsils removed.  We learned about tonsils and where they are, we took turns looking in each others mouths at them. 

The kids made her some get well cards and we put together a packet of fun activities, dot to dots and mazes, coloring pages and some fun math art, and a Kids Scoop butterfly packet. 


That afternoon our town was honoring a fallen soldier, Sgt. Daniel Gurr.  8/5/2011.  We headed down to Main Street to pay our respects. 


This also gave us a great opportunity to explain to our children that even though we didn’t know him personally we should still show our gratitude.  He didn’t know us personally and he still went to fight for us. 


We ended that day by going on a scenic drive.  We went and saw Flaming Gorge.  Then did a very cool scenic loop in which we were able to see the Uinta Crest Fault Line.  We talked about earthquakes and fault lines on the way home.



K/1st Grade

Language Arts

Even though Katey knows her letters, except for the occasional time she forgets one,  we still really enjoy All About Reading.  So we have been continuing to do their letter crafts and activities.  She has been moving right along in ' target=_blank>' target=_blank>Explode the Code and ' target=_blank>' target=_blank>Hooked On Phonics too. 



We didn’t do any worksheet math this week, what we did was oral word problems. 

Fun Stuff

Katey has still been going to swim lessons every morning.  I am amazed at how fast she has been progressing.  I am really pleased with these swimming lessons compared to the ones I had Tommy and Emily in years ago.  Katey passed level 1 with flying colors.


She has even been going off the diving boards all by herself and swimming to the edge. 


She loved posing for pictures on our scenic drive. 




At the beach Katey loves playing in the sand. 


She even practiced her swimming in the lake.  (That is her beneath the water, splashing.)



Tot School

What the two year old has been up to can be seen posted on Sunday.


7th Grade

  Tommy has been gone this week.  He will return shortly.


In my spare time

Honestly as you can see, this week I haven’t had very much spare time.  We have done swimming, swimming and more swimming.  I’ll warn you know there is more to come as well. 

I finished reading How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids, watch for that review to be coming soon.  I organized my storage closet!  Whoo!  I have also been taking the time to read ahead in the lesson plans for K12.  I am feeling confident about their program. 

I also went over to our Chamber of Commerce and picked up a ton of tourist info, to use in our staycation coming up very soon.  There is seriously so much to do here that there is no way we will even be able to do a quarter of it. 

Next week we have a very fun, vacation style, Not Back to School Week planned, stay tuned for that. 

Many of the things we did this week will be blogged about in a little more detail over the next week. 

This is linked up to Weekly Wrap Up, over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Giggly Girls said...

Great week!!!

WTG finishing the book and getting some organizing in.

Mrs Random said...

I love the get well care kit you put together! What a wonderful thing it will be to receive :)


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