Saturday, August 20, 2011

Honoring a Fallen Soldier


It is so easy to forget that someone is fighting for us RIGHT NOW!  Always!  They may or may not know you.  But they are doing this for you! 


I have so much gratitude for soldiers that it is often hard for me to be able to show it.  


I am writing this blog post in memory of a fallen Marine. 


Sgt. Daniel Gurr. 


I feel it is important to tell  you that I did not know him at all.  In fact I had never heard of him until this happened. 


Sgt. Daniel Gurr was killed on August 5, 2011 in Afghanistan.  He was at the precious age of 21.  He was killed with enemy gunfire.


It was amazing to watch my community come together for the arrival of his remains.  All the town was there.  The stores had windows decorated with their thanks to him.  Even the McDonalds and Wendy’s had In Memory of Sgt. Gurr on their signs.  Many people had shirts made.  It was quite the experience and I am so glad we went. 




It was an amazing, touching experience for my family and I.  We did have to sit out on the sidewalk for about an hour while we waited for them to come through.  It was hot and we didn’t bring chairs.  All I could think about was “Don’t complain, think about what they go through.” 



One of my dear friends from when I was younger lost her husband over a year ago to the war, he was evacuating a hospital.  They have two children.  I cannot even imagine.  I remember her wedding. I remember meeting him, I remember how right after the terrorist attacks he went to join.   My heart goes out to her all the time.  I keep up with her on Facebook, and every time she posts my heart breaks for her.


I really truly appreciate all that ALL the soldiers sacrifice for us.  While too many make the ultimate sacrifice, the ones that live through it go through a lot as well.  I can only imagine the heat with all that gear on, or being hungry, or even having to go to the bathroom, while being under attack.  

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Croppermom said...

My nephew is in the National Gaurd, we pray daily for his safety. I am so proud of him


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