Friday, August 19, 2011

Last week before school starts!


This week we have had a very very fun week.  School starts Monday, so we went out this week with a bang!

Saturday we went to a family gathering at a waterpark.

Sunday we had lunch with Paul’s family and had a phone war.  Everyone got out their cell phones and we saw who could dial the fastest.  Then we drove home. 

Monday we went to Fantasy Canyon.  It is really neat.   Read my post about that here

Tuesday we had our very first K12 outing.  We went to our local waterpark. 
Wednesday was our 4H carnival with a pot luck dinner again at our local waterpark.
Thursday the older kids and some friends went swimming yet again, this time at the rec center, and I took the younger kids and some friends to a park.  (No camera Sad smile

Friday Tommy went and did a service project, helping a neighbor with some yard work.  Then in the afternoon he went to a 4H small engine class.  The rest of us just went about our day normally.
We did do really light school days this week, more of a total un-schooling thing.  I was happy that they would ask about things and we could still do some science experiments and learning by their choice. 
Tommy helped Tyler with some workbook work.  Tyler really was just coloring in the book. 
Tommy and Emily put some finishing touches on some things for the upcoming school year. P1030259P1030260
Katey spent some time every day on Time 4 Learning.  Actually all the kids did.  Watch for a review on that coming soon. 

Tommy and Emily decided that they wanted to make whirlpool jars. 

Emily and her friend decided to make some Secret Recipe Ghoul Juice
When you mix real lemonade with some baking soda it fizzes.  Both girls said it tasted so gross. 

In my spare time

I have really just been trying to keep up this week.  I have to say that in itself has been enough.  I did break down and buy The Help, I have began reading it, and I can’t put it down. 
I have been busy meal planning for our upcoming “staycation” as well. 

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Unknown said...

Lots of WATER fun! Nothing wrong with light school! Isn't it still summer? LOL We're not starting back until 9/6, but have been working on some 4H stuff in the meantime and doing lots of reading. Love the fizzy drink! LOL Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!

Unknown said...

love all the water!! Sounds like a great way to end the summer;)

I've heard a lot about THE Help movie and book. I've been told to see the movie first... but I usually like reading the book first so I can better understand the movie;)

Sharla said...

Wow! That is one heck of a busy week! It looks like a lot of fun though.


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