Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tot School 25 Months

Tot School

This week I didn’t have anything actually planned for Tyler, we just went with it. 


He watched mama sew a hard part on Emily’s purse while eating his fruit snacks.


He got so warn out he fell asleep eating crackers and cheese.


He dressed up our bears.


As soon as he found out Emily was giving herself a pedicure he got it.  He literally stepped on her feet to get one. She was nice and let him in for a minute.  He loved the jets blowing on his toes.  He even had to put lotion on his feet like her, and paint his toenails.  (We did clear)


He got so tired playing with his cars while waiting for Katey at swimming lessons.


He had a meltdown.


We solved the meltdown by doing a quick craft at the rec center.



He was a very happy boy after that. 


We colored some Cars pages from Disney Jr.


He had a water party.  He loves it so much when we do these.  I just fill up a cooler get out some cheapo measuring cups and a mug for him to play with. 


Later that same night (while dinner was in the oven) we had a bubble party.  “Bubble” is his new favorite word. 


I absolutely love and highly recommend this “no spill” bubble jar. 

He had a hard time blowing from far away and he kept getting bubbles in his mouth. 


So Emily was so nice and decided to blow the bigger bottle for Katey and him. 


I am so in love with his face in these pictures.  It just shows such a pure amount of joy.


To see what other tots are doing check out Tot School over at 1+1+1=1


Giggly Girls said...

He couldn't possibly be any cuter!!

Popping in from tot school

Athena said...

Hi, I'm following you from the crew! I noticed on another post you celebrating Pioneer Day! Are you by chance a fellow Utahn? I'm in West Jordan.


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