Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer did not happen like I had planned!

Remember at the beginning of Summer I showed you my plans?

Well, throw those out the window!  That is so not how our Summer went.   Our Summer was much busier with traveling than I had anticipated.  And remember our bucket list?  We had Yellowstone on it.  We are just not as sure if we are going to make it there until fall.  We are going to do a “staycation” coming up soon though.  We have been busy planning that, and are very excited. 

Tommy got math and reading in daily when he was here in between his camps and other activities.  He has shown some strong interest in other things this Summer, such as engines and models.  He has really been coming along his model engine.  He has also done some service projects such as helping our bishop with yard work to earn money toward his scout camp.  He is planning on setting up a volunteer time to go to our local food bank.  He is very excited about that. 

Emily’s Summer went much more as planned than Tommy’s.  She was pretty much able to keep up with the schoolwork.  We did remain flexible.    We did have the Summer be more of an un-schooling experience.  We really enjoyed it. 

Katey also followed her plans fairly well.  She seems to have forgotten many of the sight words that she had previously learned.  That is kind of frustrating for me, so I just watch myself and if I feel myself beginning to get angry or upset, then I just let her know that we need to take a break. 

The girls have spent A TON of time with friends this Summer too.  I was so excited for Public School to start because then I wouldn’t have neighbor kids bugging my kids to play before lunch.  We have a rule, no playing before lunch, that is family time, chore time, and school time, in the Summer.  (Not to mention, I am NOT a morning person.)

Tyler stuck to the plan I had for him, exactly! 

What I learned this Summer is that I love to over plan, just in case we have time.  Whereas now I will just plan the basics and let the kids explore their desires during the Summer. 

Even though we had to remain flexible with our plans, we have really enjoyed our Summer.  We are looking forward to our “staycation”.  We are ready to start schooling and enjoy our school year.  

I love my family!  I love being with my children each day!  I love that we have the option to homeschool!  I love that there is so much support and resources! 


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Athena said...

We are going to Yellowstone the last week in September. We also planned to go during the summer, but it slipped away from us!


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