Friday, August 5, 2011

Week in review 8/5/2011


This week has been pretty exciting over here at our house.
Just a reminder that we take the Summer slow and easy in order to enjoy lots of unplanned learning.

5th Grade
  We got Emily’s curriculum and got it organized.  She has even began working in it. 
Language Arts
For Literature she has chosen and began reading her first book of the year, Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary.  She has also been reading some short stories and thinking about the morals of the story. 
She has been continuing to read in Painless Grammar about Commas.  (A section I think I need to read, I love using commas, sometimes a little too much!)
She has been moving right along in Life of Fred Fractions and Math U See Epsilon. 

Fun Stuff/ Art
She made a portfolio out of 2 poster boards and duck tape, of course.  She also has done many new duck tape creations, her latest is a tie. 
We did some sample art lessons in K12
We built a lie detector with Snap Circuits which is an incomplete circuit that you complete with your fingers.  To make it more interesting, I had Tommy and Emily each put one finger on one side and then touch each other to see how they would complete the circuit.  

K/1st Grade
Language Arts
She has been continuing her lessons in Hooked On Phonics Level 2.  We are adding in quite a few sight words now.  So we do a quick flashcard drill of those daily. 
She has been loving doing the addition wrap ups.  We also have been working on writing 6’s and 9’s, she continues to get those two transposed. 

After dinner when the while the other kids are showering Katey has been asking to work in a workbook.  I have her in a Kindergarten workbook for now, but will soon be moving her up to the 1st grade one. 

Fun Stuff
Every day we play Brain Quest t Grade 1, before breakfast, once she gets 10 right we eat.  She really enjoys this routine. 
Katey has also been taking swimming lessons every morning. 
One day after swimming lessons they had a craft set up at the rec center, so we chose to participate.  We made visors. 
Tot School
What the two year old has been up to can be seen posted here.
7th Grade
Tommy really has had quite the full Summer and it’s not over yet.  He has been home for a few days this week and during that time he has been working on his model engine
He got the crankshaft and cylinders done.  He has been reading in Little Brother.
He made some Banana muffins using a recipe with no help from anyone, and they turned out delicious.  We got the recipe from Cat Can Cook.  I love the recipes from there, they are always so easy. 

Everyone helped him eat them. 

His caterpillar hatched in to a moth

In my spare time
I have been reading in How to Have a to have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids, review coming on that soon.   I also checked out Educating the Whole Hearted Child from the library, I have yet to get started on that, but hoping to find some time over this weekend.   

We received Before Five in a Row to review, I have been searching for the first book at our library. Long story short,  I may just have to purchase the book. 

I have also been working on making labels for our workboxes that match our curriculum for this year and I am trying to get Katey organized something similar but simpler than Tommy and Emily’s boxes

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Theresa said...

My daughter was in 5th last year and she loved Life of Fred Fractions.

Both of my girls LOVE Ramona Quimby!

My daughter is in 6th grade I am going to pay attention to what you are doing with your 7th grader... :)

Mama Bird said...

Great choices, looks like a fun week.


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