Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tot Time

Tyler loves to help with chicken chores.  He loves to fill up their water. 


When it is full, he gets so upset. 


We solve that problem by having him help us carry the water to the coop.  P1030394

He colored with chalk outside. Call me crazy but I really think he wrote a T and a Y, he kept spelling his name out there too.  T Y L E R.   


He spent some time playing with his Singing Elmo again.  He has  really been loving that thing lately.  His favorite song is “If Your Happy and You Know It.”


I took him bowling with the family.  This was the first time I let him actually bowl. He had a very hard time taking turns.  He always wanted it to be his turn.  It was often quite embarrassing the scene he was causing.  Needless to say, I didn’t get many pictures.  I was in control mode.  


He was also our science project photographer. 



That’s what I get for leaving the camera in his reach.  (Yes, that IS a towel on my head.) 

Guess what else was in his reach.  Blue food coloring from Emily’s science experiment.  He got it all over his hands and face. 



I guess it gave us a chance to work on blue, right. 

This week was crazy as it was our official first week of school.  Next week will go much better, when we start incorporating B4FIAR.

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