Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicken Chores


I thought I would take the time give you a run down on our chicken chores.  We have 5 chickens. 

Every day we the kids go and check for eggs. 

Every other day we usually Tommy or I clean out the bottom of the water container, and spread fresh chicken scratch on the ground for them to peck at.

About once a week we Tyler rinses out the entire water container and refills it.


This is Tyler’s favorite job.


He even has to help us carry it!  It is really heavy.

When we freshen up their water we Emily or Tommy also cleans out and refills their food container.



About once every other week, we Paul replaces the pine shavings with fresh ones.  The nastiest job if you ask me.


About once a month (sometimes more) we, yes we, move the coop around the yard, so they have fresh grass and fresh bugs to eat. 

Tommy was mowing the lawn when we did chicken chores this day. 

So if you were wondering….. Now you know.

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