Monday, August 29, 2011

How to have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids.

Have you ever gotten something that you didn’t even know you needed and then you realize just how bad you do need it?  That happened to me. 
I just had the opportunity to change my life, better yet, my children’s life's.   I read How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids, by Rachael Carman

This book really is so much more than it’s title.
  H.E.A.R.T. is an acronym
Have a Heart for the Things of God.
Enrich Your Marriage
Accept Your Kids
Release Them To God
Teach Them the Truth

  Now I do love my children very much, I always have, so I wasn’t really sure that I needed this book, but boy was I wrong. 
Let me take you chapter by chapter about how this book changed my life. 
In the introduction, which you can read here, I met Rachael Carman.  I really got to know her and she sounded just like me.  I had never intended on homeschooling.  It just came about after many promptings from God.  I found out how she became a homeschool mom.  I really related to her.

Have a Heart for the Things of God.
In this chapter I learned that while worship is important, WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!  This chapter totally motivated me to pray more, and really rely on Him more in my life.  I want a much more personal relationship with Him now. 

Enrich Your Marriage
In this chapter I learned to live in a marriage that IS worth defending.  In a world where marriage is becoming less and less common, it is more important to live in a marriage that shows your children what marriage should look like, so they can grow up and take marriage as serious as it is.  I learned how it is important to my children as well as my marriage to take special time together as a couple. 
Accept Your Kids
In this chapter I learned some things I already knew, but are hard to come to terms with such as; your children are you, only magnified.  I need to act like the kind of person I want my children to be.  I also learned that you need to accept your children for who they are, and that doesn’t mean you need to approve of everything they do, or even let them do whatever they want.  The book talks about how your children want to be shown and told they are loved and most importantly that GOD LOVES THEM!

Release Them to God
In this chapter I learned to realize that I want more for my children than for them to just be happy.  I want them to do what God has called them to do.  What if I am raising the next Mother Teresa or the next President of The United States?  My children are God’s children first, he is letting me take care of His children.  I need to take that VERY seriously.   

Teach Them the Truth
In this chapter I learned while academics are important, is God going to care how smart you are?  No! Is God going to care about your morals? YES!  Teaching them how to read the Word of God and how to understand It are of the upmost important.  The choice is ultimately theirs but they need to be taught the Truth. 

The book ends with an Epilogue and Acknowledgements which are totally heartfelt. 

This book touched my heart more than I knew I needed.  If you are feeling like you aren’t doing enough or that you are not happy with who your children are then this book could be so helpful for you. 

The book is a nice small size hard bound book.  It fit perfectly in my purse, so I was able to take it anywhere and read it, my favorite place to read it though was outside while watching my children play in the yard. 

It’s quite the opportunity to get to review a book for me.  My life has been so blessed in the short time since I read this book.  It will definitely get read over and over again.  

I feel like buying this book for everyone I know!

This life changing book is a mere $13.00 from Apologia

Apologia is well known for their science curriculum, but they are so much more than that.  They offer all kinds of curriculum.  Check out their catalog here

Others reviewed this as well check out this post to see what they had to say.
I am blessed to review many products for TOS Crew this product was one of those. 

{I have not and will not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own based upon my experience, yours may differ.}


Rebecca said...

I absolutely love the way Rachael wrote this's not's like sitting down with a friend over a cup of tea/coffee! Great review!

Tim said...

This book really affected me as well. This was a great book. I've been trying to read some of my fellow crewbies websites. Glad I came to yours. Great heartfelt review.

Tim from the Crew


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